Some important things to know for Web Developers :

Primitive Values :

Primitive Values are consisted of string, number, bigint, boolean, undefined, symbol, and null. And these primitive values have something in common. They can not be altered . There’s nothing a programmer can do to affect them.

Type of :

typeof is a JavaScript keyword that returns the type of a variable when it is called. It can also be used to validate function parameters or check if variables are defined or undefined. There are other uses as well. The typeof operator is useful because it is an easy way to check the type of a variable in your code. For example :

Error Handling with try…catch :

Let’s be real. We are not superhuman. We make mistakes. If you observe then you can find mistakes almost in anything. That also applies too when you are coding.

Try Catch and Finally :

In previous section we talked about try and catch. But wait there’s another variation to this one. You can actually add a ‘finally’ section in your code which will work no matter what happens.

Coding Style :

You may feel surprised seeing this but yes coding style does matter. Your code is your identity. So why don’t clean it up professionally? Here I am not talking about making your code stylish. It’s all about making your code readable. If your code feels readable and understandable to other coders then it’s okay.

Comments :

Comment is a core feature in any programming language. It’s the section in the code which starts with // or /*….*/. The first one is single line comment and the other one is multiline comment respectively. For example:

Cross Browser Testing :

As a Web Developer our duty is to make websites that can run on our computers as well as other computers too. Cross Browser testing is the practice which make sure that the web apps we create work across a good number of web browsers.

Workflows regarding cross browser testing :

Cross Browser Testing may sound scary and time consuming but if we work according to some process then it takes a very little amount of time . But at first we have to find bugs in our code.

Client Caching :

At first we need to know what is caching? In the most simple terms, caching is a general computer concept that provides efficiency through data availability. Now client caching is the one which limits the data cost incurred by the user by keeping commonly referenced data locally.

Server Caching :

Server caching helps limit the cost incurred by the server and its underlying systems. Many requests made by clients can either be responded to using the same data, or responded to using parts of the same requests made by others.

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